Wise Owls Class 

Good afternoon passengers this is your captain speaking. Please return your tray tables to their locking and upright position...and get ready for an adventure!

We are travelling the globe with an English and Geography focus in mind so dust off your passport and set your spirit of adventure free. With our focus text of the "Atlas of Adventures" get ready for a trip around the world to the jungles of South America to the Tundra of Finland down to paddling along the Zambezi River in a canoe safari. 

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The awe and wonder of erosion...

How do you think the Grand Canyon was created....yes you guessed it- Erosion!

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The homework for Wise Owls, Autumn Term:


20 minutes reading a night, please acknowledge in Reading Record e.g. discussed text, discussed new vocabulary, made a prediction etc

Practise times tables

Practise practising spellings

Spend some time on your personal timeline project

Think of a fun tennis ball game and try it out with an adult. 

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