Wise Owls Class 

In Wise Owls we have been reading the BFG by Roald Dahl. A firm favourite, giving us plenty of scope to work on feelings, dreams and goals.


We made a dream jar, discussed bullying and friendships.


We have invented characters and discussed judging people by appearances.


We also had a play around with language and all the whoopsy-galumptious words the dear, old BFG uses – what wonderful word play and such a whiff-squibbling book!

This work culminated in Roald Dahl Day, with much dressing up and fun! P.S. Mrs Modeste was the PEACH, even though nobody worked that out; must have been an interesting costume!


We then moved onto Rose Revere by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts.   


The themes of the book included:

  • anyone can be an engineer

  • every failure is a step towards success

  • it’s ok to feel frustrated, as long as you keep trying

  • use your imagination to invent new ideas

  • there are also illustrations giving Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart a mention…


We also wrote explanation texts about the MVH (Multi-Vision Helmet) we had designed.

We wrote in the present tense and gave factual information and even used conjunctions!


We wrote paragraphs about what invention creations could do, how they worked, how to clean them and so on.


We didn’t leave our dressing up there and Mrs Myers and Mrs Modeste led a terrifying, murderous assembly for pirate day; well the accents were certainly a crime anyway!


Oooh-aaaaahing jokes aplenty, alas the rum was just in jest also.

war and peas.jpg

We are now working on Fables and Morals and deciphering what different tales mean.


This will lead us onto War and Peas by Michael Foreman and Jim, A Cautionary Tale by Hilaire Belloc.

Maths is a lot of revision and place value as we recap and remember and get more familiar with the number system and are more able to play around and use number facts.


We continue with our Number Talks which many children assure me they absolutely love! They certainly help with ensuring the classroom is a safe place to discuss vulnerabilities and what individuals would like more help with.