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Wise Owls Class 





Greetings Wise Owls and families!

You are the top class in the school. We checked, and there aren't any older children lurking about in a hidden classroom, you are in the last class at Anstey!


Welcome from Mr McKelvey

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Our Learning

Here is the latest from Wise Owls - an amazing narrated video.

This is the end product of our last English writing unit.

The 'Big Idea' for this writing was to make the reader (or listener) feel on edge and a little bit scared or spooked!

We watched the video first, before discussing and collecting vocabulary. Next, we had to learn some grammar and sentence structure. Listen out for interesting openers, atmospheric adjectives and lots of sensory verbs.

The final challenge was to record our writing. We used 'text marking' to show how we wanted to change our voices. This is how actors do it when they record an audiobook. We had to practise lots to get our voices how we wanted them!

You will hear Mr McKelvey's voice for one part of the video. This piece was actually written in Ukranian by Severyn!

I am so proud of the work the children have done - they put in loads of effort and I think it really shows!

Wise Owls Aut 2023.JPG



We would like all children to read at home every day.

In Wise Owls, some children are working their way through the banded Rocket Phonics Readers. Once they have finished these, they move on to the rest of the banded colours, up to Black.

After this, they are free to choose books from the reading corner. I am always excited to make recommendations!

Times tables

From the second half of the autumn term, we will be spending one session each week on learning the times tables. This will take place on Thursday afternoon.

Children will attempt a 'Hit the Button' challenge for their chosen times table. If they get a score of over 15, they will get a new target for the next week.


Each week I set spellings, teaching the rule or rules for that week. They are tested on a Friday. Children can learn 3, 5 or all 10 of the spellings. We have a '100 Club' of children that have got all of their spellings correct.

My practice schedule:

HW practice.JPG


Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Here are some shots of our year so far. See if you can spot the guests and visitors!

We'll keep adding more as the year goes on.

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