Wise Owls Class 

Dear families,


Hello and welcome to the Wise Owls Summer term webpage!

I have a wonderful term planned for you, full of fun learning and amazing experiences that you'll remember for a long time.

Pebble in my Pocket

For the first half term, a lot of our learning uses our book, "Pebble in my Pocket", as a starting point. We will be using the themes and ideas in the book in English, science, history, art and music.

We have been writing and performing poems, making art and thinking about the history of our earth. We will be writing the story of the journey a pebble has been on in the last 480 million years. We will be performing and using movement, and even composing a piece of music based on this journey.

Mathematical procedures

This term, I want to make sure children know how to complete written calculations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will be making videos to show how to tackle these calculations, and spending lots of time practising times tables.

We will also be looking at broader concepts such as area, perimeter, fractions and measures.


Last term we did a lot in computing! We took apart some of our old laptops, which involved lots of fun with screwdrivers. We learned the names of the different parts of a computer: hard drive, mother board, memory, disc drive as well as the parts we already know like keyboard and mouse.

We also started making games: a version of the classic game, PONG. These will be finished this term, watch this space for videos of the games being played.


You will have already have had an email about the trips coming up - I'm looking forward to the computing museum on 25th May, and getting muddy again at the nuclear mud run!

Volcano Art from Pebble in my Pocket