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Wise Owls Class 

Welcome from Mr McKelvey

Greetings Wise Owls and families!

You are the top class in the school. We checked, and there aren't any older children lurking about in a hidden classroom, you are in the last class at Anstey!

I've had a wonderful time teaching Wise Owls - so wonderful that I asked Mrs Myers if I could do it again, and she said yes! I love the fact that I've taught some of you for every year since Year one - a great privilege that not many teachers get.

To celebrate, we've planned some really awesome stuff for us all to do this year. Learning will be the main thing on our minds, as always, but there will be a load of fun things to do along the way.

I'm looking forward to reading some great books! Highlights from last year were Varjak Paw and How I Saved the World in a Week. This year, we're starting with the BFG. Loads of others to come, including some brand new books that are only just coming out!

Below you will find details of our curriculum and the weekly timetable. I'll also be adding photos to the gallery as time goes on. Check out the homework section too for updates on the weekly tasks.

Bye for now!

Our Learning

Our Learning

Learning this year has stayed much the same. We have organised the curriculum with some slight improvements:

  • Computing and music will still be taught on Wednesday afternoons but they will alternate by half term, rather than weekly.

  • Forest School will be on Friday afternoons. Mrs Vinton, Miss Fell and Mr McKelvey will work on lots of fun and engaging outdoor enrichment activities.

  • Outlines for the intended learning and key elements of our topics will be shared as Knowledge Organisers. These will be added below.

WO autumn term.jpg

Knowledge Organisers

Key information about each topic. This includes learning sequences, key vocabulary and curriculum context. These are shared with pupils and have been designed to give a clear and concise overview of a topic. If you have any questions about our topics, please get in touch!

English - Here Comes Frankie!
History - The Industrial Revolution


All pupils have been given a Homework book. All their homework should be recorded in this and I will show them how to record each type of homework.

Spelling homework will be set on Monday. Children learn 3, 5, or 10 spellings each week. They can practise at home in a way that helps - I have demonstrated the 'Look, cover, write, check' method. We have a spelling quiz on Friday morning.

The year's spellings are below.

Children will begin learning the multiplication tables this term, and these will be set according to prior attainment. They will be assigned in bite-sized, easily accessible chunks and we will have quizzes to check progress each week.


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