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EYFS2021 5
Forest EYFS 7
EYFS 2021 3
EYFS 2021 2
EYFS 2021 1
EYFS 2020 4
EYFS 2020 3
Pirates day 9
EYFS Pirate day
EyFS 2020 1
Naming parts of the body
Sensory Play
A visit from Phil Davis
Yoga Time
Balancing on the line
Making music
Mud kitchen gourmet!
How many fingers can you see?
Exploring paint and colours
Having our snacks
learning to write our letters
Playing with words!
Important letter writing!
Circle time demonstration
Our green dragon parade to St George' Ch
St George's Day Green Dragon
Watch out for the crocodile!
Forest School Fun
Forest School Mindfulness Moment
Forest School
Blast off rockets!
Estimating and counting
Measuring Flowers
Making music
Shopping fun
Water and land
Making sunflowers
Sensory Play
Sensory Play Sand
The shady sandbox
Time for some reading together
Flower arranging
Cooking a healthy pizza
Mud kitchen chef
Three part cards

About Our Class

This week we are learning...

Following feedback from our latest EYFS Parent Questionnaire we have now moved our  "What we are learning this week" to Tapestry updates. You should now be receiving an email to share the upcoming learning at the beginning of the week and an end of the week email sharing the learning through photos and anecdotal notes.

Our Approach
In our Fledglings class the child’s freedom, dignity and independence is of paramount importance. Our classroom environment is orderly, clean and inviting, with all activities displayed within reach of the children. At times children will work in small groups or with a teacher as well as work alone following their own interests.

Our Nursery and Reception Fledglings class follow the curriculum outlined in the "Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage". We enhance the curriculum by using The Montessori approach to education which shares the underlying principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Using Montessori resources and approaches our classroom provides learning opportunities for mixed age groups of children, from the age of 3 to the age of 6. This vertical grouping is essential as it promotes socialisation. We ensure a balance of adult led activities and child initiated activities across the day.  Although much of the time is spent with children self-selecting tasks, the interaction between the adult and child is essential as the adult's response to children builds understanding and therefore guides new learning. Using children's interests as a starting point in our weekly planning, we provide them with stimulating, active play experiences in which they can explore and develop their learning to help them make sense of the world.  As pupils move through our school they will continue to benefit from a unique hybrid of the National Curriculum enhanced by a Montessori ethos and Montessori resources .

We use the Tapestry online journal programme to support our observation, assessment and tracking of our children. This programme also allows excellent interaction and communication with parents as parents have access to their child's learning journal at any time. Parents are also able to share children's experiences from home and outside of school. Parents who have used Tapestry have reported that they really enjoy being able to see what their child is up to and our staff really enjoy seeing the fun and learning that children get up to at home when parents add their own posts.

Each child in our Fledglings Class will have a key worker assigned to them.  The key worker's role is to help ensure that every child's care is tailored to meet their individual needs, to help the child become familiar with our setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with their parents. We feel that the formation of healthy relationships between adults and children is essential in enabling children's wellbeing both now and in their  future success.

Miss Joel-Full Time Nursery and Reception Class Teacher
Mrs Tilbury -Montessori Teacher and our school SENCo Assistant (3 days per week)
Mrs Jocelyn -Full time Level 3 Early Years Practitioner 
Miss Molly - Full Time Early Years Apprentice
Mrs Kirsty Hammond-Level 3 Early Years Practitioner (Fridays)
Mrs Gray - Level 4 Early Years Practitioner   (cover for staff/SEN support as required)

Key Worker
Our Team