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Mrs Vinton, School Business Manager ....


Welcome to my virtual office. From the available drop-downs, you should be able to get access to the same information that you could find by knocking on the door of the school office.  

However, here at Anstey, we are proud of our open door policy, so if I can help with any further enquiries, please just call in.  Alternatively, if you are a new visitor and would like to experience first hand the atmosphere that we are proud to have created here at Anstey First School, please telephone 01763 848 346 or email me on - we are always pleased to show people around.


..... and School Mother

One of the best things about being a small school is that we know all of our pupils really well.  We also understand that there are some days when you may be unsure if your child is under the weather (particularly when they are in the Early Years).  Parents and children are able to let me know if they have any concerns.  Minnie and I are happy to be visited by a child at any time and I am happy for parents or carers  to call or email  during the day for peace of mind.

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