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Learning From Home

If you are having trouble accessing Seesaw or have trouble working it out please do not hesitate to email

Suggested Daily Activities

Daily reading approximately 35 minutes

 15 min(or more) D.E.A.R Time

"Drop Everything And Read"  is quiet reading on any book you want to read or look at

 20 min Reading Practice with adult

Reading for phonics and comprehension (colour banded books). These books should be read to parent/carer and discussed. Some books will have questions in the back cover for comprehension. You should receive a selection of banded books to practice.

15-20 min Daily writing journal (dark green book)

Each child will be given a journal to write in daily. Children will need to set out the date (underline and skip a line) and write about what is happening in their lives, what activities they have done, thoughts, stories and it could even include a picture (no felt tips!)


Years 1 through 4 please practice on the Times Tables Rock Stars daily (children know their long ins). Early Years Maths activities will come through Seesaw.

30 minutes (minimum) Physical Activity

Ideally we would like children to be out in the fresh air and active as much as possible however with restrictions on public spaces and distancing we know this can be tricky. You could use one of the Joe Wicks or cosmic kid videos I have linked, laps around the garden (daily mile), hoola hoop challenge, family hike in the country (if not in self isolation), create an obstacle course in the garden, jump rope. Using big muscles helps to reduce anxiety, boredom and calms the nervous system. 

These are your suggested daily activities which is the minimum we expect. Your child's teacher will send home additional activities and projects through Seesaw as well as through hard copies in a pack. Children are being shown how to use the Seesaw programme and you will soon be sent further information on how to access your child's account.

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