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Learning At Home

Suggested Daily Activities
If you're at home, perhaps getting better, but looking for something to do, why not try some suggestions from this page.
D.E.A.R Time
"Drop Everything And Read"  is quiet reading on any book you want to read or look at
 20 min Reading Practice with adult
Practice reading one of your colour banded books for phonics and comprehension. These books should be read to parent/carer and discussed. Some books will have questions in the back cover for comprehension. 
Writing journal
Use a notebook (and perhaps decorate it), set out the date (underline and skip a line) and write about what is happening or a recent activity that you enjoyed or any thoughts or even stories.   It could even include a picture or two.
Times table challenges.  
Hit The Button 

Physical Activity
  If you get a burst of energy, you could use one of the Joe Wicks or cosmic kid videos that are linked, laps around the garden (daily mile), a hoola hoop challenge, create an obstacle course in the garden, jump rope. Using big muscles helps to reduce anxiety, boredom and calms the nervous system. 


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