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What we will be learning about in Year 1 and Year 2

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Dear Little Owls families, 


Happy New Year! 


The term has started positively and the children have cracked straight on with work, so I expect they might need an early bedtime this weekend! They have been telling me how glad they are to be back at school and how much they love it, which has been good to hear. The week does go quickly when it is only two days… 





The spellings for this half term are attached. The children know if they are learning the full ten, five or three and can change if appropriate. We practise handwriting with spellings too.  



  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is the overall focus this term. Learning will, where possible, link with this theme. 

  • English – to start the term, we are learning about non-chronological reports, the theme is Bats, which will incorporate all the features of non-fiction; summarising the main points of reports, diagrams and tables, retrieving information from a text, comparing report texts and justifying opinions, word classes, statements/sentence types, developing handwriting and self-editing.   

  • Maths – we have begun with geometry, and will move onto regrouping for addition and subtraction and then strategy choices for addition and subtraction. We are also continuing our Maths Mastery journey with NCETM and are using our new rekenreks to get a strong foundation of basic number, to help understand later work in KS2 and beyond.  

  • Science – we will finish our Humans and other Animals topic and move on to Materials.  

  • History – we will soon start learning about Modern British History such as Tim Berners-Lee and then the Battle of Hastings.  

  • Computing - we will be learning about algorithms and programming 

  • Music - we will build on the successes of last term's recording by learning about the instruments of the orchestra and working on our own compositions. We will be listening to and describing "A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" by Benjamin Britten. 

  • Geography - a study of the human geography of China. 

  • RE - we will be looking at the ideas of Justice and Fairness. Also, we will learn about Chinese New Year. 

  • PE - children will be learning Dance on the theme of Plants - the life cycle of - which we will move onto for Science (plants) next term.  

  • Art – we will learn about Cezanne and create some food Art (of food, not art made of tinned tomatoes and sweetcorn etc!) 

  • DT - we will be giving the children a series of Design Challenges, during which they will learn thinking skills and focus on the planning, execution and evaluation parts of the design process. 

  • Phonics – children continue to learn in their Phonics groups. I will continue to send home some of their taught phonics for your child’s group. I would recommend that you read the sentences together to help your child extend their vocabulary.  

  • Steps to Success - We introduced eight 'Steps to Success' last term, that help us all on our journey to 'Be the Best We Can Be'. They are: work hard, don't give up, try new things, improve, understand others, concentrate, push ourselves and imagine. We will continue to celebrate these as the children demonstrate them throughout the day.  



28th January - Starbooks Cafe 

Another reading event, where you will be welcome to join us in the Village Hall and spend time enjoying a selection of books with the children. 


3rd February - Online Reading presentation 

MrMcKelvey will be demonstrating the online element of our new reading programme. You have seen the new books coming home for home reading, and we will be introducing the online part of the project. You can read books online and complete quizzes to secure the skills of comprehension as well as fluent reading. 


4th February – NSPCC Number Day 2022 

This is a ‘mega maths fundraising day’ where your child is invited to dress up in a maths costume… we will ask for donations for the charity. I will send out more information nearer the time and give the children a few costume ideas – just a homemade effort with your child, please don’t spend money on the costume, the focus is fun, maths and raising awareness for NSPCC. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns or anything you would like to discuss at any point, don’t hesitate to let me know and we can catch up or arrange a meeting as necessary.  


Thanks for your ongoing support,


Mrs Modeste