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Julia Donaldson - The Snail and the Whale


For the rest of this half term, we will be using this as our key text. It's a beautiful book that many of you will know.

Our learning sequence will involve some fun drama and role play activities, art and poetry writing as well as some longer narrative writing opportunities.

One of the best thing about this book is its wonderful rhymes and rhythms - why not try playing with some of them, seeing how many your child can remember and think up some new rhymes to go with the story of the restless snail and the adventurous, grey-blue, humpback whale!

Great Reads!

We are compiling a list of great reading recommendations. While we do this - click here for suggestions of high quality books by age group from Book Trust.


It's About Time!

Right now, we are learning about all aspects of time. 

As well as telling the time, we will be talking about other units of time - years, months, weeks and days. 

Children will learn how to estimate time, how to read timetables and schedules - these are essential skills for life.

We love noticing how many times a day we use our maths skills - I wonder how many you and your child can count in a day!


Uses of materials

Ask for a definition of 'material' and I hope that your Little Owl will say "Useful stuff!"

We have been talking about the properties of everyday materials, and what they could be used for. To finish this term, we are undertaking an investigation to test knowledge and understanding of the topic, as well as using the skills of a scientist to make sure children know how to construct a scientific test.


Programming and Media skills

In the first half of this term, we used coding software to create algorithms - instructions to make something happen. We started by using and making simple programs using the J2E website, and moved on to writing code ourselves on Hour of Code. Wise Owls have been joining in on this too!

This half term, we will be using photoshop's online editor to manipulate images and make our photos look really great! 

Click the images on the left to go to the websites we have been using.


A selection of photos from our year so far - more to be added soon!

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