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The Over-Excited Tree Frog

We have been reading and performing another 'active story' this week.

The Over-Excited Tree Frog is from 'The Whole Of Me' - a collection of stories, songs, yoga poses and actions that we use to help children learn about wellbeing.

We have learned the yoga poses, acted out the story, performed the songs and now we are writing our own version of the story. 

The learning is focused on description - using creative adjectives and verbs to paint a vivid and detailed picture in the mind of our reader. 

Photos and samples of work will be coming soon!


Reading and Phonics

We are really enjoying reading new and more challenging books with the children. You might notice that children have moved their book colour band. If you think that your child needs a more challenging text, please let us know!

Reading fluently

Fluent reading is our goal! Reading with fluency is essential for building the skills of comprehension and inference.

When we read with children, we encourage them to read and re-read a text until they can read it 'like an actor would do it!'


To make sure that all children are secure with their phonics, we are now doing extra phonics sessions during the week, in the afternoons. This is great for the teaching team, as we get extra opportunities to hear children read!

Phonics is being taught 'in context', meaning that we read a story that has been written specifically to practise a sound or set of sounds. 

Currently, we are practising the phase 3 vowel sounds, 'ai', 'ee', 'igh', 'oa', 'or', 'ar', 'er', 'ow', 'oi', 'ear', 'air' and 'ure'.

When we have completed this sequence of revision, we will be moving on to phase 4, which is all about blending sounds together to enable pupils to read longer words with confidence.

phase 2.jpg
phase 3.jpg

This series of videos covers all the phonics letters and sounds from phase 2 to phase 5.

They are easy to follow, and great for short practice!




Next week we will be starting a sequence of lessons on mental methods for addition and subtraction. Children will learn various strategies to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. These include using doubling skills for addition, using knowledge of number lines and multiples of ten.


The intention is to build children's fluency with the number system, and equip them with the skills to manipulate numbers easily before using formal written methods.

Keep using all the interactive resources below!

The interactive 100 square is a great resource for practise at home. You can look at multiples of different numbers, and practise that all important counting! We have learned to count in 2s, 5s and 10s!

The interactive bead string is brilliant as well. We use bead strings all the time in class to help us count. It's great for counting on and back in ones.

The interactive place value page is very useful too. You can 'build' a number, and see how many tens and ones it has. We haven't looked at hundreds much yet!

Finally - any dice games you can think of are great for promoting number fluency. Shut the Box is a favourite in our class, and can be played with just two dice and a pen and paper!

There are loads more to be found on the nrich website - games and fun activities for two or more players that require very few resources and involve loads of mathematical thinking!

This term we are learning all about plants.

We have begun by exploring our playground and finding all the different types of plant that we have, and what they are called. 

Next, we will start to classify plants by different groups, and learn the difference between evergreen and deciduous plants.

We are going to learn about the parts of a flowering plant.