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Sports at Anstey

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Anstey Sports Crew
Our Daily Run
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We love our sports at Anstey First School. Meet our Sports Crew!


Our Sports Crew Leaders help to encourage everyone at Anstey to take part in sport. At playtimes and lunch times we set up games and help younger children to join and have fun. We set up obstacle courses, skipping games and challenges as well as teach younger children new games to play. We lead the younger children in their Forest School sessions and teach them about working as a team and safety. We also help Mrs Modeste, our PE coordinator, to plan fun lessons and to set up events like our own cross country course. We are even, hopefully, helping to plan our next whole school mud run- which was our favourite sport even we took part in.

Well done Anstey for achieving the Silver Sports Mark!

                            Next year we're going for Gold!

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Lunch Time Games
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