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The Importance of High Attendance

 We recognise the strong link between attainment and attendance and parents play a really important role in ensuring that attendance is as high as possible. Pupils are expected to achieve 96% attendance although we recognise there may be extenuating circumstances (such as with illness.) but these should be infrequent.

As an example of the effect of regular absence, consider that 90% attendance is an average of one day out of school per fortnight over a whole school year.

It is very important that parents or carers speak with the Class Teacher, Business Manager or Head Teacher at the earliest opportunity if they have any worries at all about ensuring the regular and punctual attendance of their child.  We will provide you with support if you need help but please remember it is your legal responsibility to ensure your child's regular attendance. 

If Your Child is Unwell

Parents or carers should ring the office or send an email on the first day of their child's absence (and every day thereafter if it is unclear when the return date will be).   


The Health Protection Agency advises school that if a child has vomiting or diarrhoea then they will be unable to return to school until 48 hours have elapsed to minimise the spread of infection.

We can only administer prescribed medication such as antibiotics and only if a consent form has been correctly filled in and signed.

Requesting Leave of Absence

To request a Leave of Absence during term time please complete the relevant form and return it to the school.  Please read the guidelines on the form which highlight the school's policy with regard to Leave of Absence.

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