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Our Governing Board

Welcome to the Governors’ Page

The aim of the Governing Body is to help the school be the best that it can be through raising the standard of achievement for every pupil by providing a strategic view, acting as a challenging friend, maintaining best value in the setting and management of the budget, and ensuring accountability.

The Governing Body consists of twelve members; three Parent Governors elected by the parents of children at the school, one Local Authority Governor nominated by the local authority, one Staff Governor elected by the school staff, six Co-opted Governors co-opted by the Governing Body, and the head teacher. All governors have equal voting rights. The period of office is four years.

The school has one committee outside of the Full Governing Body – The Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee. 

The governors have a close working relationship with the leadership and staff of the school. Our knowledge of the school has been built on regular visits both formal and informal. As a body we have a commitment to training and improving our abilities to govern and develop the school. Many of us help at the school, using our particular skills to contribute in small ways to make Anstey the school that it is - a successful and caring place for children to learn and thrive.

The governors are:

Wilfrid Dimsdale

Local Authority Governor

Term of office – 01/09/2022 to 31/08/2026

Attendance at governors’ meetings 2022/23 - 100%

My background is in Agriculture. I have been associated with Anstey School for over 40 years as a governor, 10 of which as Chair. I am a member of the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee and the Safeguarding, and Humanities link governor. My children, now grown, all attended and have benefited from their time at Anstey School.

Norman Marston

Co-opted Governor

Term of office - 14/02/2020 to 13/02/2024

Attendance at governors' meetings 2022/23 - 50%

I am a retired Civil Engineer with a background of construction and consultancy and first helped at Anstey School in 2012 soon after I moved to the Village. I am Chair of the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee and the Science and Design and Technology link governor.


Kate Oxley

Co-opted Governor

Term of office – 19/01/2020 to 18/01/2024

Attendance at governors’ meetings 2022/23 - 100%

I taught for over thirty years, mainly in Hertfordshire, including twenty years as deputy head and then six years as headteacher of a village school, retiring in 2015. I moved to Anstey in 2006 I very much enjoy living here and have found the village to be an extremely friendly place. I am involved with Anstey Village Hall and Anstey Fair, and I became a governor of the school in 2016. I am a member of the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee, and the Special Needs and Pupil Premium, and English link governor.


Tom Sealy

Co-opted Governor

Term of office – 11/10/2022 to 10/10/2026

Attendance at governors’ meetings 2022/23 - 100%

I have been associated with Anstey School for over 40 years, firstly as head teacher, and since retiring in 2003 as a governor. I am the Chair of Governors and a member of the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee. I am also the Early Years link governor, the Maths link governor, and the Health and Safety governor. My five children, now grown, all attended Anstey School.

Amy Myers

Head Teacher

Member of the Governing Body by virtue of headship 

Attendance at governor's meeting 2022/23 - 100%

I have been at Anstey First School as the Head Teacher since January 2015. I have been a qualified teacher for 29 years after obtaining my degree in Education from Florida State University. I have worked as a teacher with specialisms in gifted and talented, children's mental health, autism and challenging behaviour. I feel Anstey First School is wonderful and unique place to work and learn allowing for all children to become the best that they can be.

Tara Woolnough

Parent Governor

Term of office - 21/10/22 to 20/10/26

Attendance at governors' meetings 2022/23 - 0%

My daughter started at Anstey School in 2018 and we love it already. Since becoming a mum, I have become fascinated by how children develop and their wonder at encountering the world, so I am keen to learn more about primary education and to contribute to the continued development if this special little school. My background in editorial and publishing, especially academic books, provides various transferable skills. I'm very interested in the environment and well-being and the overall betterment of humanity. I am the Arts, and Computing link governor.

Liz Bagnall

Co-opted Governor

Term of office - 05/03/2019 to 04/03/2023

Attendance at governors' meetings 2022/23 - 66%

I have supported Anstey School since moving to the village in 1990. My daughter attended the school and I was a parent governor at the time. For the last 30 years my business, Stagestruck, also based in Anstey, has provided technical services to support the school's productions and in-class media. I trained as a journalist working both on local and national papers before starting a creative services company with my husband, Simon. I now write, garden to create bio-diverse habitats for our remaining wildlife, and play with my grandchildren. I am the joint Environment and Woodland School, and PHSE link governor.

Ian Palmer

Co-opted Governor

Term of office - 05/03/19 to 04/03/2023

Attendance at governors' meetings 2022/23 - 66%

I retired in 2004 after serving 31 years in the London Fire Brigade. I am happily married to Lynne-Marie, we have two sons and 3 grandchildren aged 4,3 and 1 who live in Canada. Since my retirement I have ministered in three churches and am now Pastor of Anstey Chapel. I am the Sport and Sport Premium, and the RE and Music link governor. I am a keen sport fan and still continue a fifty year passion for playing drums and percussion in bands.

Adam Smith

Parent Governor

Term of office - 01/10/21 to 10/10/25

Attendance at governors' meetings 2022/23- 33%

I have a keen interest in Anstey School as my family all came from Anstey, in fact my mother lived in the school house until she was 8 years old before moving to New Farm in Langley. My grandparents and my father are all buried at Anstey church. Now that my daughter Henrietta has started nursery at the school, I feel now is a good time to become a part of a lovely community being in a position to assist with my knowledge of running the external environment of a school. I am the joint Woodland and Environment link governor.

Hannah Fell

Staff Governor

Term of office - 17/10/22 to 16/10/26

Attendance at governors' meetings 2022/23 - 100%

No current governors have material interests arising from relationships between governors, or with staff.

If you are interested in becoming a governor at our school or would like to contact the Governing Body, you can make contact through the school office on 01763 848 346 or by email:

 Meeting Dates 2023/4

Full Governing Body – Monday 30th October, Monday 11th March, Friday 24th May, Friday 12th July (all 1.30 pm in the school).

Finance, Personnel and Premises – Monday 9th October, Monday 26th February, Monday 13th May, Friday 28th June (all 11.00 am in the school).

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