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Anstey First School Nursery
and Pre School


A Natural Girl

Anstey First School, Nursery and Pre-school near Buntingford offers a warm and welcoming package of education and wraparound care (including play scheme) for children aged from 2 to 9 years.  Our families generally live in and around Anstey and Buntingford although have choosen to come to us from as far afield as Hertford, appreciating the benefits of small class sizes (max. 20 pupils) and stunning grounds, located in open countryside within a small and beautiful, rural village.  As you will see from the photographs available to browse on our website, we care for our children as they take their first steps into education in our Pre-school and look after them through Nursery, Reception and up to Year 4, and beyond as part of the Buntingford and Rib Valley 'all-through' education system ( .


We are proud to be part of the Buntingford and Rib Valley 3-tier group of schools (which does not include Buntingford First School).  This special partnership supports children to find the school with the right fit for them as they transition from first school to the middle schools and Freman college in our local 3-tier education system.  We have a close working relationship with all schools in the system with Rib Valley heads meeting monthly and good pastoral and SEN support across the schools which ensures that the children in our Buntingford and Rib Valley 3-tier system are cared for as they transition - all the way from pre-school to prom!


Here at Anstey, with the support of our community (to whom we are forever grateful!), we have superb outside facilities which include a Forest area for Woodland School sessions,  2 climbing walls, outside classroom (“The Cabin”), a wildlife area, pond and raised beds in which our children learn about growing herbs and vegetables.

We have introduced the Montessori approach in our  early years classrooms and are developing it throughout the rest of the school up to Year 4. The result is a unique blend of the National Curriculum being taught through a topic, skills-based approach, with a  Montessori ethos throughout the school. This leads to independent learners, who take responsibility for both themselves and the environment around them. Our children are expected to organise themselves, communicate in an appropriate fashion and challenge themselves to extend their learning.

Our smaller size is also our strength.  Although we are growing we are proud to be one of Hertfordshire's smallest schools, at the centre of a community with a very big heart.  With their support we manage to remain well-resourced both within the classroom and without.  In addition to the resources you might expect, (iPads, wireless laptops and interactive whiteboards in
 each class), we have built a fantastic forest school in adjacent woodland. 


Regular and easy access to a minibus (via our 3-tier shared system) gives us the flexibility to take our children on regular trips to enhance their learning experience and their enjoyment of time spent at our school with minimal or no cost to families. This includes shared events and learning opportunities with other schools. The excellent behaviour of our pupils and their willingness to join in confidently with larger groups is regularly commented upon by visitors and observers.


In this way, our pupils have the best of both worlds. We have a tradition of providing a caring, nurturing, ‘family’ setting which encourages sociable, confident, well-mannered and thoughtful children. At the same time, they are developing their confidence and wider social skills to prepare them for their future development.

Our children are always encouraged to work to their highest standards and achieve their full potential which is much more than just academic success. We aim to support them as they grow into confident, happy individuals and to provide them with the skills to get the most out of their education at every level.


We offer wraparound care with daily Breakfast Club (8am start) and After-school Clubs (till 5.00pm) as well as a Play Scheme and are always pleased to show visitors round.  We hope that you will feel inspired to visit us soon.


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